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Intex Sand Filters Kit

platine de filtration intex avec système hydro aération

The Intex filters kit eliminates impurities in your pool. It is important to adapt the filter according to the volume of water for better efficiency. The Intex turntables feature and new "Hydro aeration" to introduce air into the nozzle and oxygenate the water so that it is healthy and crystal clear.

système hydro aération sur platine de filtration intex

Hydro Ventilation Technology:hydro aération intex

  • Innovative technology: The Intex sand filter is equipped with the Hydro Ventilation Technology which allows air to be introduced into the return nozzle by oxygenating the water.
  • Improved filtration: the particles in the water are caught and deposited at the bottom of the pool during the ventilation process which facilitates the removal of sediment through the filtration system. Improved filtration and circulation makes the water healthier and easier to maintain.
  • Pure and clear water: The ventilation process reduces the presence of metals and eliminates the formation of stains by mixing air with water. The result is pure and clear water of your swimming pool.
  • Healthier pool: It has been shown that negative ions around the pool eliminates air pollutants and neutralizes free radicals that affect air quality. The result, pure air around the pool and healthier pool.

Filter content:

To fill your filter kit, you can use the following content:

  • Filter ballsfiltration fineness 1.5 microns. 700g of filter balls equal to 25kg of sand!
  • Filter glassfiltration fineness 15 microns.
  • Sandfiltration fineness 40 microns.

⚠ OFFERED, 1.4Kg of filter balls for the purchase of a filtration 10m³/h:

balles filtrantes pour filtre à sable

  • 1.4 kg of filter balls equal to the quantity of 50 kg of filter sand.
  • Light, easy to transport and handle, it will not leave any sand deposit inside your pool.
  • Filter residues larger than 1.5 microns (about 40 microns for sand).
  • Very high dirt retention capacity.
  • Has a long life (5 years).
  • Allows to save energy.
  • Non-toxic, 100% recyclable.


détails d'une platine de filtration intex

  1. 6-way valve with ergonomic handle.
  2. Turbidity indicator.
  3. Large removable pre-filter (except 4m3/h).
  4. Manometer to check the fouling condition.
  5. Programmer integrated.
  6. 3 positions switcher.

Technical specifications:

Models  Sand filter 4m3/h Sand filter  6m3/h Sand filter  8m3/h Sand filter  10m3/h
Filtration flow
4m3/h 6m3/h 8m3/h 10m3/h
Power of the pump 0,25CV 0,50CV 0,75CV 0,90CV
For pool up to 24m3 36m3 56m3 65m3
Filter tank diameter 254mm 305mm 360mm 410mm
Filter balls capacity 700G (not included) 700G (not included) 1,4Kg (not included) 1,4Kg (offered)

Filter glass capacity (not included)

12Kg 18Kg 32Kg 38Kg
Large removable pre-filter No Yes Yes Yes
3 positions switcher
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Manometer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Integrated programmer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Adapter included 32-38mm 32-38mm 32-38mm 32-38mm
6-way valve Yes Yes Yes Yes
Turbidity indicator Yes Yes Yes Yes

Warranty: 1 YEAR


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