C-piscine.com offers the special wide-width motorized super-large C-POOL BIG SHARK cover.

Above-ground C-POOL BIG SHARK cover

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  Above-ground C-POOL BIG SHARK cover


The C-POOL BIG SHARK motorized cover is suitable for large pools up to 12 meters wide and 25 meters long. It has precise and elegant design, it will integrate with the environment of your swimming pool perfectly. It might be suitable for public pools due to its ability to cover large pools, camping and hotels pools as well. It will protect your swimming pool from dirt and secure a pool in closed position.

- Custom-tailored manufacturing.

- Adapted to pools up to 12 x 25m.

- Opaque-colored PVC blades are available in 5 colors.

- Fixing clips match the color of the coating.

- Pre-wiring at the factory for ease of installation.


- Aluminum anodized Axid, 250mm diameter.

- Set of 5mm lacquered steel legs, very high resistance anti-corrosion military treatment.

- White thermoformed pods.

- Adjustable in the directions of the width and length of a pool.

- Inox stainless steel, auto aligner to catch the decentering.

- Motor 250 to 500N with integrated and disengageable mechanical end stop.

- Pre-wiring at the factory for ease of installation.

- Key switch: contact maintained opening, closing.

- Electric box 220V / 24V with engine safety feature.

- Opaque-colored PVC, insulating, waterproof, solid, anti-UV and anti-stain treated.

- Finishing of the cut: optional square or smooth finish.

- Manual security lock by anti-lift buckle.

- Conform to NF-P 90-308 standard.

Warranty: 3 years.

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