Made-to-measure bar cover for inground pools starting from 25,80€/m2.

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Made in France.

à partir de 180€ selon
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Delivery within 10/15 days

The C-SECURIT range of custom-fitted bar covers for inground pools is available in four versions: C-SECURIT,  C-SECURIT +, C-SECURIT LUX and C-SECURIT MODUL.

All C-SECURIT covers are manufactured in France and are made-to-measure to fit most of the inground pool shapes.

The bar covers of the C-SECURIT range are disconcertingly easy to handle, can be quickly rolled up with the geared crank wheel and rolled down just as easily with the toe-strap, and can be put on or taken off quickly by just one person (installation time depends on the size of the pool).

The C-SECURIT bar covers for pools larger than 10 x 5 in size are systematically delivered with 2 crank wheels to ensure an even easier handling. And if customers do not want to put in a great deal of effort, the automatic VEKTOR winding system will do the work for them. 

Investing in a C-SECURIT bar cover is the best choice to meet all your requirements and, in the same time, it is a profitable and convenient replacement to:

- A summer cover.

- A cover reel.

- An opaque winter cover.

- An alarm or a fence type of security system.

The C-SECURIT range of covers is very aesthetic due to its underneath bar-support system and its palette of colors that perfectly harmonize with the environment- at no extra charge.

Warranty: 3 full years.

Made in France.


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