• Robot Dolphin E20 will efficiently clean the bottom and the sides of a small pool (10 x 5m). It is small in size but great in its effectiveness, it will be much appreciated by many of you...
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Robot Dolphin E20 

robot dolphin e20, robot piscine, robot maytronics

A robot pool to last...

robot piscine, robot dolphin, robot maytronics, robot e20

The Dolphin E20 electric robot has a futuristic design and is ideal for cleaning the bottom and sides of small pools, including above-ground swimming pools.

The Dolphin E20 robot will collect the leaves and the dirt fallen in your basin. You will have clear and clean water with this amazing electric robot, you may use it in any circumstances.

robot piscine, nettoyage piscine, robot électrique, robot dolphin,

Simple to handle :

  • Filtration system is accessible from the top.
  • Filter cartridge is very easy to clean and replace.

filtration systeme

  • Ergonomic handle for easy immersion and removal of water.
  • Lightweight robot (6.5kg).
  • Electronic transformer with digital control. Easy to use, simply press ON button to start the cleaning cycle and press OFF button at the end of cleaning to turn off the power.


Optimal cleaning :

  • Active brushing technology: A process that thoroughly cleans the bottom and the walls of your pool. The brush rotates twice as fast as the moving speed of the robot, takes off the most inlaid dirt and eliminates bacteria in your pond. 


  • Small and larger particles are collected in the filter basket (70 microns). Easy to remove the filter basket and easy to clean it. The front and back filter panels of the basket can be removed and rinsed with water.

Product characteristics :

caractéristiques, robot dolphin E20

  • Types of pools :
    • Pond size: up to 10 meters long.
    • Type of swimming pool: inground or above ground.
    • Type of bottom: flat bottom or soft slope bottom.
    • Compatible with all types of coverings: tile, liner, polyester shell, reinforced PVC, painted concrete ...
  • Cleaning cycle: 2H00.
  • Filtration: Filter basket with access on top.
  • Brushing: active brush technology.
  • Power supply: Electrical transformer with low energy consumption. (Digital control).
  • Input: 100-125 AC Volts / 200-230 AC Volts. 50-60 Hertz.
  • Output: <30 VDC IP 54.
  • Cable length: 15 meters
  • Suction flow: 15m3 / h.
  • Fineness of filtration: 70 microns.
  • Weight: 6.5 kg.

Robust and reliable :

robot piscine, robot dolphin E20, nettoyage piscine

  • "Maytronics" founded in 1983 and has established itself as the pioneer of electronic cleaning technology for private and public pools, it has developed internationally renowned Dolphin robots.

Warranty: 2 years


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