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Polaris 3900S Pool Cleaner



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The Polaris 3900S pool cleaner fits perfectly for all types of swimming pools up to 14 x 7m.

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710,00 € tax incl.

Polaris 3900 Sport Pool Cleaner

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Polaris introduces its latest model of the robot, the 3900 Sport.

The Polaris 3900 Sport has an innovative design and three powerful suction jets that make the cleaning fast and efficient, the robot is capable of collecting any debris and dirt at the bottom of the water. It is equipped with 3-wheel drive; the Polaris 3900 Sport is able to adapt to all forms of pools and face any slope surface. No more inaccessible places for the latest Polaris version!

Design and performance!

The new Polaris 3900 Sport pool cleaner benefits from the 40 years of experience in this industry, its technological platform is totally innovative. Every detail has been designed to optimize its performance, reliability and ease of use.

Its dynamic Aqua design contributes to its efficiency, whatever the shape of the pool, the Polaris 3900s Sport defines a new style and new performances.

Cleaning Speed ​​& Suction Power:

  • 3-wheel drive equipped with wide tires for the maximum rise and rotation of the upper wheels. The 3900S can be used for the most difficult areas easily.
  • 3 ultra powerful venturis jets for extra suction.

Optimized cleaning surface:

  • Sweeping hard-to-reach areas.
  • Driven jet.
  • Automatic anti-lock valve.

The tests conducted across 150 pools show that the 3900S gets the best cleaning coverage regardless of the shape of a pool.

Reliability and Ease of use

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  • Stainless steel chain.
  • The most reliable and efficient transmission system.
  • Double capacity of the recycle bin: 40% more capacity and anti-dust return.
  • Simplified adjustment: integrated float.
  • Simplified adjustment: fast connection.
  • Sealed gear box: protected from dust, debris etc...
  • Plastics: high level of quality and robustness.


      • System: Hydraulic pressure.
      • Motorization: Surpressor is linked with filtration (not included).
      • Required booster power: 1 HP.
      • Operating pressure: 2,2 - 2,6 bar.
      • Dedicated line or brush socket: Rigid hoses 16 bars.
      • Suction: Venturi system 3 jets.
      • Displacement: Random and automatic reverse.
      • Collection of impurities: bag + flagellum.
      • Types of impurities: Dust, insects, gravel, leaves.

Warranty: 2 years.


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